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    Hope Outreach was established in 2007 and works to provide people new to recovery with a chance to experience a spiritual retreat.  It was created because of the spiritual experience its founder had during his first 12-step spiritual retreat in October of 1988 and has longed to share this experience with others ever since. 

   He began by paying for at least one or two individuals when attending these retreats twice a year hoping that someone else might also experience the sense of relief he had on his first retreat which took place only two months into his own recovery journey - a feeling that transformed his life forever.  

   Hope Outreach, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was founded to serve the spiritual side of recovery for men and women new to their journeys.  We work to provide them with the "simple kit" of spiritual tools and to extend the hand of hope to some members of various halfway houses and treatment centers in the area.  We do this by answering the call when halfway houses ask us to sponsor their clients on these spiritual retreats. 


...and to practice these "principles" in all our affair

What We Are About

    Hope Outreach offers opportunities for men and women to free  themselves of addictive behavior patterns, in a safe anonymous environment, during a 12 Step Spiritual Retreat. They are given a chance  begin  their lives anew by accepting a way of life guided by spiritual principles. The retreat affords  them an opportunity to experience God’s healing, God’s forgiveness, and God’s abiding love, while at  the same  time  concentrating on recovering  their lives, dignity and self-esteem.  Most importantly, they become aware of God’s desire  be present in  their lives.        

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  Hope Outreach  When anyone anywhere reaches out for help...  

We Practice Hope When We Extend a Hand  



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